Internet is safe in today’s time, it is very important that you have a small mistake and all your information can go on the Internet, so whenever you search for some such information on the Internet or you are doing LOG-IN in this account.

Where there is a need to give personal information, then in such a situation, you should use Incognito Mode and if you do not have any information about it, then through this post, what is Incognito Mode? going to tell about

Where we will talk about what Incognito mod has done, that is how you can use it to run the internet securely, apart from this, even if you are sharing some personal information on the internet, you Anyone who is can use this Incognito mod.

Through this post, we will give you complete information about Incognito Mode and will also tell how you can use it inside your browser and what you have to keep in mind while using it.

Apart from this, we will also talk here that what are the benefits of using Incognito Mod and how we can be who we are, through the feature of this new browser, we can be absolutely safe on the internet so that none of your personal information can be seen by anyone else. know and you will be safe on the Internet.


What is Incognito Mode?

What is Incognito Mode?

Incognito Mode Browser has a PRIVATE MODE where if any search is done inside the normal browser, it saves all the information and we can see all those information anytime but Incognito Mode is not like this.

If you do any search inside incognito mode or even download any information, then no information is saved inside it like search history does not save, apart from this CACHE FILES is also not saved inside this browser. So that if you do any activities inside this browser, then no one can know about it.

After this, whenever you turn off after using incognito mode, all the information is removed and no one can find out what you searched inside incognito mode.

Why Use Incognito Mod?

We are here too why incognito Mode important? But now let’s talk about why Incognito Mod is needed and why you should use it.

So here we all know that if we are not careful on the Internet, then all our information can be leaked on the Internet, so if you also want to search or download something on the Internet, about which no one has any information. So in such a situation Incognito Mod is a good option.

Because it does not save any information or even create any file inside your computer so that no one can know what you searched inside Incognito Mod.

How to use Incognito Mode?

Here let us tell you that using Incognito Mod is quite a lot, even if you have never used this feature before, you will still be able to use it without any problem.

  • First of all, you need to open whatever browser is there, any browser here, you get to see this feature in all and there is the same process inside all to use it.
  • After that you have to click on MENU, where you will get to see a lot of options, from that time you have to click on INCOGNITO MODE.
  • By clicking on INCOGNITO MODE, you can open whatever it is and then whatever you have, you can use it, whatever browser you have, the process of using it inside all is the same, told you about it.

Conclusion –

We have here for you Incognito Mode What? Complete information about this has been shared with you in detail, apart from this, we have also told you how you can use Incognito Mod in the browser instead.

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